3 Unique Value Adds of an Independent Agency

Last week we spoke about the importance of getting to know your agent before they sell you insurance –

I call it shopping with friends. If you missed that, click here.

Now that you have a better understanding of who I am, I’d love to share with you the value of working with an independent insurance agency.

Now that I’ve been in the insurance game for a while, I can see the benefit of going to an independent agency plain as day. But as I make that statement to my closest acquaintances, I’m always stopped with the same question:

“I hear you that you’re an independent agency, but what does that even mean?


Fair question. And probably one I would have asked before I became an agent.

So, in this article, I want to answer that exact question as well as highlight 3 unique value propositions of working with an independent agency.

An independent agency is one that has contracts with multiple insurance carriers. The agency hires agents (or producers) to go and sell on behalf of the contracted carriers. So as an agent, I have got multiple carriers to offer clients at the tips of my fingers. As a consumer, you have the chance to shop with some of the best carriers on the market without the hassle of calling them all yourself.

The ability to shop provides us the unique opportunity to bring you the best insurance plan on the market; one that offers unique coverage options coupled with a great price.

Starting to see the benefit here?

Just in case you’re still on the fence, let me quickly share 3 unique value propositions of an independent agent.


I kind of alluded to this earlier, but I’m going to say it again. AN INDEPENDENT AGENCY GIVES YOU OPTIONS!

Why go to the car dealership that only offers you one brand of vehicle when you can go to a dealership that allows you to get in and feel the layout and drivability of multiple?

25+ “A-rated” carriers with different appetites as to who their ideal client is.

The biggest value prop I can think of is variety. Not one carrier, multiple carriers wanting your business. The leverage is entirely in your hands.

  • Are you tired of hearing, “I’m sorry there is nothing we can do”, when it comes to rate increases?

Aren’t we all? An independent agent never has to utter those words, because we are not bound to one rating platform with one company.

  • Are your kids skyrocketing your rates?

We have a carrier that will discount your premium up to 35% for enrolling them in an online safe driver course AND downloading an app that lets you track their location at all times.

  • Are you a loyal customer to your current agent and hesitant to leave?

We have carriers that want to reward you for that loyalty! Shopping has no obligation. You get something better with us or you stay right where you are.

#2 – WE are the team

We work for you.

My priority as an independent agent is to find the best fit for you. My allegiance is to you and your family, and the same goes for my team. We are not bound to one set of rates or rules, and we truly believe we can offer you the most comprehensive options on the market. If the time ever comes where you’d like to move on from your current carrier after joining our family, that is done through us. Same agent. Same relationship. No blank slate, just a new insurance plan that is built with your best interest in mind.

Claim issues?

You’re not in it alone.

It is no longer you versus the carrier when resolving your claim. You’ve now got a team of experts behind you to advocate on your behalf and make sure that the claim is handled in a fair, time-efficient manner. Once you decide to join the AAdvantage family, you instantly become just that – family.

#3 – Complete product lineup

An independent agent can be your one-stop shop for all things insurance. Gone are the days where one must enlist multiple agencies to fill their needs. Through contracts with carriers that offer coverage for everything from your home and auto to employee benefits at your business, AAdvantage is your place for all things personal/commercial/life/health.

And the cherry on top?

The more business placed with each carrier, the greater the discounts!

We at AAdvantage treat your insurance needs as top priority. Our team of experts was hand picked to deliver a truly unique insurance experience to our clients and we hope you feel that culture the moment you walk in.

Time sensitive responses and a consistent, customer-first approach that views you as family.

That’s the AAdvantage Way.

If you’ve made it this far, I can’t thank you enough for spending some time with me here. I hope this sheds a little light on the value of working with an Independent Agency, like AAdvantage.

I would love the opportunity to earn your business through some of the techniques mentioned above. If this is something you may be interested in you can shoot me a text at (618) 772-8480 or request a quote here.

See you again soon.

My very best,

Sam Fink, Agent, (618) 772-8480

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