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Welcome to Aadvantage Insurance Group! Quick question for you:

Are you ready to discover the BEST on Life Insurance Plans?

We shop and compare so you don't have to

We represent multiple A rated insurance providers

We work on your behalf to find the best coverage

We go to work for you to protect your love ones

We often ask ourselves "Do I really need life Insurance?" Let us help you answer that question. When surveyed 71% of people say they personally need life insurance, yet only 59% have coverage.

Here are some thoughts that we often say to ourselves to justify not having coverage. 1.) It's too expensive 2.) That's that stuff for babies and old people, right? 3.) I'm strong and healthy! 4.) I have life insurance through my job. 5.) I don't have kids. 6.) Life insurance-it's on my list.....eventually. 

Analyzing each of these thoughts and much more can be daunting to decide if you need life insurance. Just know that it doesn't have to be. We will help you analyze the best type of plan that fits your budget. 

Have you ever heard anyone say "They had TOO MUCH LIFE Insurance!"?

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