Shopping with Friends

I once heard a quote about sales that really resonated with me:

People hate being sold to, but love shopping with friends.”

-Ryan Serhant

It makes so much sense. Walk with me here…

If we haven’t met and you knock on my door tomorrow asking to sell me something, I’m probably saying no unless your pitch is especially good.


If we’re friends or loose acquaintances and I know you’re not just trying to make a quick sale when you ask, I’m ready to listen to you pitch your product all day. I’m confident that I’m not somehow signing myself up for a hidden catch that I wasn’t aware of because I know your character. And if I’ve learned anything in my professional life so far, it’s that character matters.

So what’s the point of this?

I’d love to look over your insurance plan and help advise you. I truly believe we have the best combination of carriers, products, and rates available, and that we can help form the absolute best insurance plan for anyone. But because Ryan’s quote resonates with me so much, I want the precursor to all of that to be a real introduction as to who I am.

So the point of writing about shopping with friends is to make you feel a little less like you’re being sold to, and lot more like you’re shopping with friends.

I want you to feel comfortable letting me in to potentially do business together because you know my character is one that will always have your best interests in mind. I can’t see there being any better way to do that than sharing with you exactly who I am.

Let’s get to it.. who am I?

Well, I’m a lot of things. But in the interest of time, let me just tell you that I’m a son. I’m a husband. I’m a father. I’m a believer. I’m an insurance advisor. I’m a professional athlete. And I’m a friend.

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I’m extremely passionate about dedicating my whole self to the task at hand. Aside from a whole lot of discipline, my greatest asset is my ability to build and incorporate a culture into every chapter of life I step in to and then rigorously and regularly question that culture to make sure it aligns with all that I want to be as a man.

Where did I come from and where have I been?

I graduated from Edwardsville High School in 2011 and played four years of collegiate soccer at Wake Forest University while earning a Bachelor of Science degree. Wake Forest is a regular contender for College Soccer’s biggest prize, the College Cup and been ranked in the top 10 for close to 5 straight years.

I tell you that not to brag on myself, but actually quite the opposite. I was far from qualified to attend Wake Forest athletically, but I had a discipline and determination to never give up that led to a great college experience. My time there didn’t come without its hiccups, but I had quite the journey.

I’ll save the story of my full Wake Forest journey for another day.

I graduated from WF in 3.5 years and went straight into Professional Soccer. That career so far has seen me play for my hometown club for 5 years and Oklahoma City for 1. Saint Louis FC unfortunately ceased operations at the end of the season bringing that dream to an end.

I’m blessed to have found the love of my life, Hannah Faulkner, in middle school and we dated long distance through college and eventually got married in 2015. Hannah is a real estate agent and co-owner of The Ink House in downtown Edwardsville. If you haven’t seen or heard of that place check it out on social media because her and her partner did an unbelievable job building it. Just one of the many reasons that my wife is so incredible.

I love videography. I love fitness. I love my small group. I love adventure. I love discomfort. I love growth. I love making the most of every second of the life I’m living.

Two of my greatest gifts in life are my daughters, Evelynn and Eleanor. Evy is three and Ellie is one and a half. Out of all the cool things I’ve done in life, being a dad is at the tip top of the list. I could literally talk for days about how being a dad has changed my life, but I’ll spare you the time. Just know that every decision I make in my life is filtered through the lens of how it’s going to effect those two girls and my wife. As my number one priority, if those three girls are happy, I can live with any and every decision I make.

Where do we go from here?

My hope is that if any of this resonates with you, you would feel comfortable and willing to let me look over your insurance coverages. That doesn’t mean you’re committed to anything, it’s simply a free consultation and quote with the potential of being incredible savings or coverage recommendations.

With the ability to place your insurance with over 15 A-rated carriers, I’m confident we can find a home for you that is the perfect insurance plan for you and your family.

I’m currently writing home, auto, umbrella, life, and commercial coverages like worker’s compensation with a lot of success for my clients. I’d love the opportunity to do the same for you.

If that sounds like something you’d be okay with, click the quote button or message me direct and I will be in touch very soon.

Either way, I hope you feel a little more like friends after this introduction and I look forward to being introduced to you as well.

Sam Fink, Insurance Advisor, AAdvantage Insurance Group

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