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You cover the freight, we'll cover the rest!

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Insurance Solutions That Match Your Needs

We start by matching you with a knowledgeable account manager best suited to your business, whatever its size. We’ll discuss your goals and priorities. Then we work with our insurance carriers to create your perfect solution.  We’ll walk you through your best risk-management solutions for truck, warehousing and freight broker insurance in almost every state in America.  If you need a customized insurance solution, we can build it for you! 

Let us help you reduce operating costs today with our Fuel Card!

AAdvantage clients average $250 per week in fuel savings (or $9,000 annually per truck) with the AAdvantage Fuel Card. Get exclusive savings at over 14,000 locations across the U.S. by being an AAdvantage Insurance client.


Why Choose Aadvantage?

We Understand The Roads You Are On

Members from our team come from the transportation, law, and insurance industries bringing all three worlds together.  We understand operating ratios and CSA scores. We get it. Our diverse team works with you to help you make the best decisions for your business. We understand the road you’re on — and we want to ride along.

We Build Your Custom Solution

We work with over 100 insurance carriers to create your custom solution.  Whether you have one truck or 10,000 units, we have you covered.

Going Above And Beyond

Let us deliver the protection you need while offering guidance on your overall safety and inspection performance.  We'll help guide you through claims, filings, and coverages.  We offer quick turn around on certificates of insurance and provide an online client portal for certificates. 

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