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2246 S State Route 157 Ste 350
Glen Carbon IL 62034
Phone: 618-692-4440
Fax: 618-692-4447

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AAdvantage Insurance Group

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Our People

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We are here to serve you. We have extensive insurance and training backgrounds that prepare us to help you with your insurance needs.
Tom Dickmeyer   618-692-4440   tomd@3pointsins.com
Dave Viox   618-619-2645   dave@aadvantageins.net
Patricia Watson   618-692-4440   pattyw@3pointsins.com
Andrea Hutt-Wallace   618-692-4445   andrea@aadvantageins.net
Joseph Weaver, JD   618-692-4440   joew@3pointsins.com
Vince Valesano   618-692-0909   vince@aadvantageins.net
Deb Valesano   618-692-0909   deb@aadvantageins.net
Ruth Windmiller   618-663-4888   Ruth@AAdvantageins.net
Maureen Florczyk, CISR   618-663-4882   maureen@aadvantageins.net
Deborah Lansford   618-315-5551   deborahl@3pointsins.com
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